RRB JE 30th May 2019 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Which of the following states inaugurated a web portal 'Banglar Shiksha' for school students in 2019?

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Question 22

To get a virtual, erect and enlarged image behind a concave mirror, where should the object be placed ?

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Question 23

Find the ODD one out from the given options.

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Question 24

Which number will best complete the relationship given below?
27 : 16 :: 125 : ?

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Question 25

A man goes towards east 5 km, then he takes 120 degrees right turn and goes 5 km. He again takes 120 degrees right turn and goes 5 km. With respect to the starting point, where is he now?

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Question 26

Varun walked 4.5 km towards south direction and turned right. After reaching 3 km, he turned left and walked 5 km. What is the distance he covered towards south?

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Question 27

In a certain code language 'no more food' is written as 'ta ka da', 'more than that' is written as 'sa pa ka'. How is 'that' written in that code language?

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Question 28

A is now 9 years older than B. In 10 years, A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago. Find the present age of A.

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Question 29

In a data, sum of the deviations about the mean is always:

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Question 30

Which of the following are known as 'nucleons?'

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