RRB JE 29th May 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

What constitutes the major part of the human body?

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Question 72

A man sold 18 cots for Rs.16800, gaining there by the cost price of 3 cots. Find the cost price of a cot.

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Question 73

Dinesh walked 6 km towards east from his home and took three times left turn. Which direction he is facing now?

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Question 74

If 296 = x% of 3700, then whatis the value of'x'?

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Question 75

If $$\sqrt{7} = 2.6457  and  \sqrt{3} = 1.732$$, then find the value of $$\frac{1}{\sqrt{7} - \sqrt{3}}$$

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Question 76

Find the missing number in the following series.
2, 4, 3, (...), 5, 10

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Question 77

Which of the following is basic in nature?

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Question 78

What is the scattering of light by particles in its path called as?

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Question 79

One day Rajesh left home and cycled 10 km southwards, and then he turned right and cycled 5 km; again he turned right and cycled 10 km. Then again he turned left and cycled 10 km to reach point P. How many kilometers will he have to cycle to reach his home straight from point P?

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Question 80

The ratio of Simple Interest earned by equal amounts in two different schemes at the same rate for 6 years and 10 years respectively is:

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