RRB JE 23rd May 2019 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

P can do some work in 4 hours. Q and R together can finish it in 3 hours while P and R can do
it in 2 hours. How long will Q take to complete it, if he works alone?

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Question 2

If 0.001 + x = 0.01, then find 'x'.

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Question 3

The frequency of a sound wave is 50 Hz and its wavelength is 4 m. What is the speed of the sound wave?

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Question 4

Complete the series. 15, 8, 20, 18, 25, 28, (…)

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Question 5

The present age of a mother and daughter is in the ratio of 8 : 3. After 12 years, the ratio of their ages will be 2 : 1. What is the sum of the present age of the mother and the daughter?

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Question 6

How long does a train 110 m long running at a speed of 72 km/h take to cross a bridge 132 metres in length?

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Question 7

Which of these religions do the Jews follow?

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Question 8

Choose the figure that best represents the relationship among the classes given below?
Mother, Children, Human, Father.

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Question 9

In this question, two statements are given followed by a conclusion. Find out which of the
alternatives justifies the given conclusion.
1) Coals are atoms of carbon.
2) Diamonds are atoms of carbon.
Diamonds are coal.

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Question 10

Electric current is the flow of?

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