RRB JE 23rd May 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.
Seven members L, H, K, T, F, J and R represent different countries in Olympics, USA, China, Korea, France, Russia, Australia and Japan; each one competes for a different sport, viz. volleyball, archery, rifle shooting, tennis, boxing, athletics and football. The order of persons, countries and games is not necessarily the same. K represents China for archery. T represents USA but not for volleyball or rifle shooting. One who represents Japan competes for boxing. F competes for volleyball but not Korea. Lrepresents Australia for athletics. The one who represents Russia competes for tennis. J doesnot represent Korea or Japan. R competes for rifle shooting.
Which of the following combinations of member, sport and country are CORRECTLY matched?

Question 82

Choose the Figure that best represents the relationship among the classes given below?

House, Brick, Bridge

Question 83

If a current of 3 Amperes flows for 1 minute, how much charge flows in this time?

Question 84

Find the percentage of wastage material in converting a cylinder of base diameter 10 cm and height 20 cm into a cone of equal base, but double the height of the cylinder.

Question 85

Which number will best complete the relationship given below?12 : 46 :: 18 : ?

Question 86

Choose the alternative that best replaces the question mark(?) in the given figure?

Question 87

BrahMos II is a ___________ currently under joint development by Russia's NPO

Question 88

Which of these diseases is usually transmitted by mosquitoes?

Question 89

Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.
Arjun, Banu, Keerthi, Deepan, Harini, Vasanth, Gayathri and Kumar are sitting around a circle
facing the center. Banu is third to the right of Vasanth and third to the left of Kumar. Keerthi is
fourth to the left of Arjun. Arjun is not an immediate neighbour of Vasanth and Banu. Harini is
not an immediate neighbour of Banu. Gayathri is second to the right of Deepan.
Who among the following is third to the left of Harini?

Question 90

What is the difference between the place and face values of '5' in the number 3675149?

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