RRB Group-D 27th Sep 2018-shift -1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

You are given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.
What is the total age of the sisters 10 years from now?
1. Lina is 20 years old now.
2. Lina's sister's age is twice that of $$\frac{1}{4^{th}}$$ of the age of Lina.

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Question 2

Who has won the Best Actor award in the $$90^{th}$$ Oscar awards 2018?

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Question 3

A person clapped his hands near a cliff and heard echo after 6 s. The distance of the cliff from the person is: [take v = 346$$ms^{-1}$$]

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Question 4

A car accelerates uniformly from 18 $$kmh^{-1}$$ to 72 $$kmh^{-1}$$ in 5 s. The acceleration of the car is:

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Question 5

Which of the option figures bears the closest resemblance to the question figure?

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Question 6

What is the percentage of oxygen in $$Al_2(SO_4)_3 ?$$

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Question 7

Given is a question followed by two armaments. Decide which of the armaments is/are strong with respect to the question.
Should we avoid overuse of air conditioners?
I. Yes, it weakens the human system.
II. No, the comfort cannot be forsaken.

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Question 8

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Char Dham highway development project or Chardham Mahamarg Vikas Paiiyojna at ...........

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Question 9

Pond is related to Water in the same way as Mountain is related to:

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Question 10

Who became the first Indian woman to win the Korea open series in Badminton?

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