RRB Group-D 17th Dec 2018-shift -1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A car starting from rest, accelerates in a straight road at a constant rate of 3.0 $$ms^{-2}$$ for 8 s. Find the distance travelled by the car during this time.

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Question 2

Who is the lead actress in the movie "Mary Kom"?

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Question 3

$$66 \times 32 \div 2^3 + 8 = ..........?$$

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Question 4

Joule/coulomb is the same as:

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Question 5

Tarapur Atomic Power Station is located in Tarapur, in .........

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Question 6

Identify the mirror image of the following figure.

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Question 7

The LCM of 145 and 87 is:

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Question 8

$$4 W X Z 8 Q P O J 6 G T M V E U H 5 3 B $$
Find the missing term using the above sequence
$$W 8,P 6, ......, H B$$

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Question 9

Consider the following statement and decide which of the assumptions is implicit from the statement.
Rajesh's condition will improve after operation.
I. Rajesh can be operated upon in this condition.
II. Rajesh cannot be operated upon in this condition.

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Question 10

Starting from point O facing West a man walks 4 kilometre reach point A, turns right walks 4 kilometre reach point B, turn right walks 4 kilometre reach point C, turns right walks 3 kilometre reach point D, turns left walks 4 kilometre reach point E, turns right walks 5 kilometre reach point F. At point C, the man is facing ....... direction.

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