RRB ALP 31st Aug 2018 Shift-3


The given table represents the marks obtained by four students W, X, Y and Z in four subjects P, C, B and M, with the maximum marks in each subject being 100.

Question 71

If these four students are given ranks according to their total percentage of marks in
PCMB then ....... gets the 3rd rank.

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 72

Select the option that represents the number of squares in the given figure.

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Question 73


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Question 74

Select the letter missing from the given letter series.
K, M, P, T, ......

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Question 75

A man starts from point ‘O’, travels 20 km towards east to reach point ‘A’, turns right and travels 10 km to reach point ‘B’, turns right and travels 9 km to reach point ‘C’, turns right and travels 5 km to reach point ‘D’, turns left and travels 12 km to reach point ‘E’ and then turns right and travels 6 km to reach point ‘F’. What is the shortest distance between point ‘E’ and point ‘C’?

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