RRB ALP 31st Aug 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

What is the process of production of ovum in the females called?

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Question 62

What is the square root of 5041?

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Question 63

Select the figure that does not belong in the following series.

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Question 64

Consider the given statement to be true and decide which of the given courses of action logically follow(s) from the statement.
Many private schools in Bangalore charge more fees than the government-prescribed limits.
Course of Action:
1. Strict action should be taken against such schools.
2. Such schools should be shut down.

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Question 65

Which state organised India’s first Tribal Entrepreneurship Summit in November 2017?

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Question 66

If the second half of the given series is reversed, then what will be the fifth term to the left of the ninth term from the right?

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Question 67

Pramod can paint a wall red in 12 hours while Brajen can whitewash the wall completely in 16 hours. If Pramod and Brajen work alternately for an hour each starting when the wall has just cement on it till when it is completely painted red, how many hours will it take to paint the entire wall red?

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Question 68

Select the option that depicts the correct mirror image of the given word when the mirror is placed horizontally below the word.

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Question 69

Two pipes X and Y can individually fill a tank in 48 and 72 minutes, respectively. If they
are opened simultaneously, how long will it take for the tank to fill?

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Question 70

Read the following question and decide which of the given statements is/are sufficient.
Are women emotionally stronger than men?
1. Women think men’s thinking cannot change any problem.
2. Women are equal to men in all issues.

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