RRB ALP 29th Aug 2018 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

When a force of 10 N acts on a body of mass of 10 kg that is able to move freely, which of the following statements will apply?

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Question 22

In the aboveseries from left to right without changing the order the number ofpairs of terms such that 1st is alphabet and 2nd is a number are:

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Question 23

Priyankur’s present age is seven years less than thrice the age of his cousin Rihana.
Sixteen years from now Priyakur’s age will be 150% of that of Rihana. What is Priyankur’s present age (in years)?

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Question 24

Consider the given question and decide which of the following statements is sufficient to answer the question.
How much did Mr. X earn in the year 2000?
1. Mr. X earned ₹ 7,000 in 2003, which is 10% more than what he eared in 2000.
2, Ms. Y. Mr. X’s wife, earned half of the amount Mr. X earned, and they together earned ₹ 9,000 in 2000.

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Question 25

Select the option that depicts the correct mirror image of the following figure if the mirror is kept at MN (ignore the size).

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Question 26

Select the option that will come next in the following figure series.

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Question 27

The simple interest on a certain sum at 12% per annum for 3 years is ₹ 4,140. What is the compound interest on the same sum at 8% for two years?

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Question 28

Which of the following can reproduce by fragmentation?

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Question 29

The base of a triangle is five-sixth of the base of a parallelogram having the same area as
that of the triangle, The ratio of the corresponding heights of the triangle to the parallelogram will be:

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Question 30

Mean temperature of a city for a week is $$28^\circ$$C. If the mean temperature for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is $$27.5^\circ$$C and the mean temperature for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is $$29^\circ$$C, the temperature recorded for Thursday is

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