RRB ALP 17th Aug 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Who is the CEO of Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart?

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Question 12

The SI unit of weight is a:

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Question 13

An object is placed on the principal axis of a convex lens of focal length 10 cm. If the
distance of the object from the lens is 30 cm, whatis the distance of the image formed?

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Question 14

Which of the following reproduce both, sexually as well as asexually?

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Question 15

If the equations $$4x + 3y + 5 = 0$$ and $$6x- ky - 7 = 0$$ have no solution, then the value of $$k$$ is:

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Question 16

Select the related word from the given alternatives:
If FROG : 9268, RANG : 2538, then FORT is coded as ..........

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Question 17

The number of diagonals in a pentadecagon is:

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Question 18

Aizaz was born on $$5^{th}$$ January 2015, while Faiz was born 553 days later. On which date was Faiz born?

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Question 19

Before Champaran Satyagraha, the farmers of Champaran usedto follow the
‘panchkathiya’ system, wherebyfive katthas ofland in a bigha hadto be planted with .........

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Question 20

Some one rupee, 50 paisa and 25 paisa coins make up rupees 93.75 and their numbers are in the proportion of 3 : 4 : 5. Find the number of each type of coins?

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