RRB ALP 14th Aug 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Select the option that depicts the following transparent sheet (Problem Figure) when folded at the dotted line shown.

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Question 62

In a bag the ratio of red balls to green balls is 4 : 9. If 6 more green balls were added to the bag,the ratio of red balls to green balls would become 1 : 3. How many red balls are there in the bag?

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Question 63

Who is the director of the film ‘Poorna’, which depicts the story of Poorna Malavath, the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest?

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Question 64

The square root of 5776 is:

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Question 65

Prostate gland is present below:

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Question 66

If the kinetic energy of a body becomes 256 times its initial value, then the new linear
momentum will be:

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Question 67

In a cricket match, the scores of the players are considered such that coefficient of
variation of scores is 16 and mean is 25.then the variance is:

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Question 68

Which of the following compounds has a double bond?

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Question 69

Thirty men can do a piece of work in 16 days working 8 hrs a day. How many men are needed to complete another work, which is twice the first one, in 10 days working 12 hrs a day?
The following are the steps involved in solving the above problem. Arrange them in sequential order.

A) $$M_2 = \frac{30 \times 16 \times 8 \times 2x}{x \times 12 \times 10}$$

B) $$\frac{30 \times 16 \times 8}{x} = \frac{M_2 \times 12 \times 10}{2x}$$

C) $$\frac{M_1D_1H_1}{W_1} = \frac{M_2D_2H_2}{W_2}$$

D) $$M_2 = 64$$

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Question 70

Based on the given data, determine the bikes of which colours will make a total sales of 55%?

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