RRB ALP 10th Aug 2018 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

One-third of Poojitha’s age three years ago plus one-half of her age two years from now is twenty years. How old is she now?

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Question 62

How many kilometres are there in one metre?

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Question 63

If WASP STINGS HARD is coded as @%Z, HARD TO DEAL is coded as Z65 and HEAL LONGTIME is coded as 896, what is the code for HARD?

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Question 64

Ravichandran Ashwin became the fastest player in the world (in terms of number of test matches) to get 300 wickets in test cricket in November 2017. Whose record did Ashwin break?

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Question 65

Based on the given data, the total percentage of literates in the four cities together, round to one decimal, is .............

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Question 66

The difference between Charles’ and Shriya’s ages is 6 years. When they married each other 30 years ago, 4 times Charles’s age was the sameas 5 times the age of Shriya. What is the current sum of their ages?

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Question 67

Find the missing word for the related pair.
Road : Car :: Sea : ?

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Question 68

In a computer game, there are builders and destroyers. Together there are 20 of them.

Some of them try to build a wall around castle while the rest try to demolish it. Each of the builders can build the wall alone in 15 hours while any of the destroyers can demolish it in 10 hours.If all 20 builders and destroyers are made active whenthere is no wall and the wall gets built in 3 hours, how many of them are destroyers?

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Question 69

Which of the following options correctly describes the given statement.
There are four rooks in a game of chess.

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Question 70

A sum of money invested for 2 years and 9 months at the rate of 8% simple interest per
annum became ₹ 732 at the end of the period. What was the sum that was initially invested?

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