RRB ALP 10th Aug 2018 shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

In the given series, how many 8s are there that are not divisible by the numberto its left
but completely divisible by the number to its right.

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Question 62

Which is the form of energy that does NOT occur while riding a bicycle?

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Question 63

A man walks 10 kms towards east, then takes a right turn and walks 8 km and again takes a left and walks 6 km. In which direction is the man with respect to his starting position?

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Question 64

The selling price of an item inclusive of a 10% profit was ₹ 440. What would be the percentage loss if the item was sold for ₹ 370?

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Question 65

‘Freedom Trail’ is a 2.5 mile long passage that offers a rich insight into the American Revolution. In which US city would you find this famous-and historic trail?

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Question 66

Solve the following:
$$(-4)\left\{19 - (-2) \times (-8)\right\} = ?$$

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Question 67

The pH of a solution is 3. When its pH changes to 6, then $$H^+$$ ion concentration:

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Question 68

Which of the following numbers is a perfect square?

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Question 69

Sound travels at a speed of 333 $$ms^{-1}$$ in the air; thus, in 1 s, a distance of 333 m is travelled by:

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Question 70

Deepti bought a set of cups for ₹ 175, but then had to sell it later to clear old stocks for ₹ 161. What is the percentage of loss that she had to incur?

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