RRB 2013 Allahabad (2)


If ‘dear’ is coded as 1234, ‘head’ is coded as 2345, ‘tear’ is coded as 1346, ‘help’ is coded as 4758, then

Question 81

What can be a possible word for the code 3478 ?

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If P$$\rightarrow$$Q means P is father of Q,
P+Q means P is brother of Q.
P*Q means Q is wife of P.
given that $$A\rightarrow$$ B, C+B, $$C\rightarrow$$ D, D+E, F*E, A*G then

Question 82

What does $$\oplus$$ denote in the relation $$G\oplus E ?$$

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Question 83

How is the relation between A and D represented ?

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Question 84

If B marries H and is blessed with daughter then how is the new born related to C ?

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There are 15 students in a class who are equally distributed 5 benches forming a rectangular array of students.
Boys and Girls sit in separate benches Shravya is seated in one corner of first bench Jayant is diagonally opposite to her in the last bench.Aruna is in between Shravya and Kavya in one bench. Kavya asked the girl immediately behind her Shilpa for a pencil and Shilpa borrowed a pencil from the boy immediately behind her Anil, and gave it to Kavya Sunil is in between Anil and Jayant. After some time Shilpa goes out and Shravya sits in place of her but as Geeta did not want to sit beside Shravya Geeta swaps her place with Sweta.

Question 85

How many girls are there in the Class after Shilpa left the Class ?

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Question 86

Before Shilpa left the Class how was the seating placement for Jayant and Shilpa ?

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Question 87

Immediately after Shilpa left the class who is in front of Sweta ?

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Question 88

Which one of the following places is vacant immediately after Shilpa left the Class ?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 89

How many integers between 1 and 100 (inclusive) are neither divisible by 2 nor 3 ?

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Question 90

Complete the series $$\frac{1}{2},\frac{1}{6},\frac{1}{12},\frac{1}{20},$$____

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