RRB 2013 Allahabad (2)


The following table shows the sectoral distribution of production of Fabrics in India

Question 71

What is the share of output (approximate percentage) by the Handloom sector in the year 2005-06 ?

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Question 72

What is the percentage increase (approximate) in the output by Mill sector in the year 2007-08 when compared to the previous year ?

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Question 73

Read the statement below and answer the question that follow:
Statement I:The contribution of mill sector to the total production of Fabrics in India does not exceed 4%.
Statement II.The ratio of the production by mill sector to that of Handloom sector in 2004-05 and 2006-07 are almost same.

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Question 74

If the same % decrease in the production of fabrics in 2008-09 continues the next year also what is the production in 2009-10 ?

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In a survey conducted on 50000 people the percentage of people who read newspapers A,B,C are given in the form of square, circle, triangle respectively

Question 75

How many people do not read papers A, B or C ?

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Question 76

If $$2\frac{1}{2}\%$$ of the people who do not read newspaper A,B,C also do not read other newspapers, then how many read other newspapers ?

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Assuming the statement given in each question to be true choose the inference as one of the following:
A.True B.False
C.Uncertain D.None of the options.

Question 77

Statement:m is an even integer and n is a multiple of 3.
Inference:$$m \times n$$ is divisible by 6

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Question 78

Statement:A Jungle comprises of Animals Trees Reptiles Birds.
Inference:All Animals live in Jungle.

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Question 79

Statements:A student with average intelligence can attempt aptitude questions but he should have an interest in Mathematics.
Inference:Intelligence of the Student can be assessed by his interest towards Mathematics.

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If ‘dear’ is coded as 1234, ‘head’ is coded as 2345, ‘tear’ is coded as 1346, ‘help’ is coded as 4758, then

Question 80

What can be the possible code for the word ‘their’ ?

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