RRB 2010 Bhubaneswar


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

A mixture of 45 litres of spirit and water contains 20% of water in it. How much water must be added to it to make the water 25% in the new mixture ?

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Question 72

Find the value of S

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Question 73

Who won the women’s gold medal for shooting in the inter-shoot Shooting Championship held in Netherlands in Feb. 2010 ?

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Question 74

Jadranka Kasor, a politician and former journalist has been elected the first female Prime Minister of which country in 2009 ?

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Question 75

Which male tennis player has recently achieved 15 Grand Slam titles ?

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Question 76

In which country was the 45th World Archery Championship organised in Spet. 2009 ?

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Question 77

For how many positive integers a is it true that $$ a^{2} \leq 2a $$ ?

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Question 78

At 3.00 am the temperature was 13 degrees below zero. By noon it has rises to 32 degrees. What was the average hourly increase in temperature, in degrees ?

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Question 79

The cost price of 18 articles is equal to selling price of 15 articles. The gain percent is:

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Question 80

If $$ \frac{A +5B}{2B}= A- 2B $$ then what is the value of A when B = -1 ?

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