TOP-100 Polity and Governance Questions PDF

TOP-100 Polity and Governance Questions PDF
TOP-100 Polity and Governance Questions PDF

TOP-100 Polity and Governance Questions PDF

Download SSC  Polity and Governance Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CGL & CHSL exams. 100 Very important Polity and Governance Questions for SSC exams.

Download TOP-100 Polity and Governance PDF

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Question 1: When was RTI act enacted in India?

a) 2005

b) 2006

c) 2004

d) 2008

Question 2: The total number of Fundamental Duties mentioned in Indian Constitution?

a) Eleven

b) Nine

c) Thirteen

d) Six

Question 3: Which of the following High Courts exercises Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar islands?

a) Mumbai High Court

b) Calcutta High Court

c) New Delhi High Court

d) Andhra Pradesh High Court

Question 4: Who appoints the Attorney General of India?

a) President of India

b) Prime Minister

c) Chief Justice of India

d) Vice- President of India

Question 5: Which article of the Indian Constitution directs the State Government to form a Village Panchayat ?

a) Article 40

b) Article 32

c) Article 48

d) Article 78

Question 6: Which article of India constitution provides for election commission?

a) 323

b) 324

c) 325

d) 378

Question 7: Who chairs the session of the Rajya Sabha?

a) Prime Minister of India

b) President of India

c) Vice-President of India

d) Speaker of the Parliament

Question 8: The post of collector in india was created in:

a) 1772

b) 1779

c) 1792

d) 1882

Question 9: Who was the last deputy chairman of Planning Commission?

a) C. Rangarajan

b) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

c) Raghuram Rajan

d) Manmohan Singh

Question 10: Project Tiger was launched in-

a) 1973

b) 1976

c) 1978

d) 1983

Question 11: Fascism believes in the application of the principle of :

a) Dictatorship

b) Democracy

c) Utilitarianism

d) Totalitarianism

Question 12: The Sindhi language was included in the Eight Schedule of the Indian constitution in which constitutional amendment?

a) 10th

b) 12th

c) 18th

d) 21st

Question 13: Sikkim was associated with the Union of India by the ………. amendment in 1975.

a) $36^{th}$

b) $1^{st}$

c) $24^{th}$

d) $12^{th}$

Question 14: Autocracy means

a) Rule by few

b) Rule by King

c) Absolute rule by one

d) Rule by the representatives of the People

Question 15: The Finance Commission in India is constituted by the ……. under article 280 of the Constitution.

a) Supreme Court

b) Parliament

c) Prime Minister

d) President

Question 16: How many members are nominated by the President in Lok Sabha in India ?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Question 17: After J. L. Nehru who amongst the following was/is the other Prime Minister who completed his/her first term and immediately came for the second term ?

a) Mrs.Indira Gandhi

b) Dr.Manmohan Singh

c) Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee

d) Mr.Rajiv Gandhi

e) None of these

Question 18: The present salary of the President of the India is ?

a) Rs 50,000

b) Rs 1,00,000

c) Rs 1,50,000

d) Rs 5,00,000

Question 19: Fundamental Rights are enshrined in the Constitution of India in ?

a) Part I

b) Part III

c) Part IV

d) Part V

Question 20: What is the special initiative launched by the centre to protect children’s right in the areas affected by armed conflict such as Naval districts through local youth volunteers or child defenders called ?

a) Bal Bandhu Scheme

b) Vidya Jagruthi Scheme

c) Yuva Pragati Scheme

d) Shishu Kalyan Scheme


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Question 21: Which of the following persons was an acting Prime Minister of India?

a) VP Singh

b) Gulzari Lal Nanda

c) IK Gujral

d) HD Deva Gowda

Question 22: The system of reserving seats for Dalits in state legislative assemblies was signed by Mahatma Gandhi in 1932 under which pact?

a) Gandhi-Irwin Pact

b) Ramsay-MacDonald Pact

c) Poona Pact

d) William Benn Pact

Question 23: Which Indian freedom fighter is known for the words, “Swarajya is my birthright and I shall have it”?

a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b) Bipin Chandra Pal

c) Lala Lajpat Rai

d) Subramaniya Bharathi

Question 24: Who is the chairman of Rajya Sabha?

a) The president

b) The vice-president

c) Legislative council

d) Legislative assembly

Question 25: The governor of the state is appointed by ?

a) President

b) Prime minister

c) Vice-president

d) Home minister

Question 26: Who is the ex-officio chairman of rajya sabha?

a) President

b) Prime minister

c) Vice-president

d) Home minister

Question 27: How many members are nominated by the president in the Rajya Sabha?

a) 2

b) 10

c) 12

d) 14

Question 28: Total assembly segments in Delhi are :

a) 50

b) 60

c) 70

d) 40

Question 29: The Constitution of India, describes India as :

a) A Federation

b) A quasi-federal

c) Unitary

d) Union of states

Question 30: ‘Democratic Centralism’ is an important feature of a :

a) Communist state

b) Democratic state

c) Totalitarian’ state

d) Socialist state

Question 31: Which of the following was put into orbit by the ISRO for the first time in the microwave band ?

a) Edusat





Question 32: As per the Mudra Scheme launched by government of India, what is the name of the category of loans that can be availed by Micro units between 05 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs?

a) Tarun

b) Sishu

c) Kishor

d) Mitra

e) Shakthi

Question 33: How much amount has been earmarked in the recent budget for the National Nutrition Mission?

a) Rs 9046 Crore

b) Rs 3000 Crore

c) Rs 1751 Crore

d) Rs 6750 Crore

e) Rs 8054 Crore

Question 34: Part XVIII of Indian constitution deals with __________

a) Emergency provisions in India

b) Fundamental duties

c) Official languages of India

d) Salaries and allowance of High court and Supreme court

Question 35: ‘Temporary, Transitional and special provisions’ is dealt by which article in constitution of India?

a) Article 361A

b) Article 370

c) Article 136

d) Article 148

Question 36: Department of Internal security comes under which ministry?

a) Ministry of defense

b) Ministry of External Affairs

c) Ministry of Finance

d) Ministry of Home Affairs

Question 37: Ministry of Rural Development has recently launched _____ and a magazine Panchayat Darpan to monitor progress and implementation of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

a) Samanvay

b) Swarnajayanti

c) Aajevika

d) Capart

e) Awns Atal

Question 38: Public opinion is

a) The opinion of the majority

b) The opinion of the people on political matters

c) Opinion of the citizens of the country

d) The opinion based on reasoning which is for the welfare of the whole society

Question 39: In India the largest single item of current government expenditure is

a) Defence Expenditure

b) Interest payment of debt

c) Payment of subsidies

d) Investment in social overheads

Question 40: The appointment of the governor of a state is incorporated in which article of Indian constitution?

a) Article 153

b) Article 155

c) Article 163

d) Article 181


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Question 41: The term of the Governor of a state is

a) 4 years

b) 5 years

c) 6 years

d) None of these

Question 42: Who was the Last Governor- General of India?

a) C Rajagopalachari

b) Lord Mount Batten

c) Dr Rajendra Prasad

d) S Radhakrishnan

Question 43: ______________ scheme was launched by the Central Government to create awareness about the cleanliness of the children.

a) Sukanya Samridhi Yojana

b) Bal Swachta Mission

c) Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

d) Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana

Question 44: who is in charge of the office if both President and Vice President resigns?

a) Chief Justice of india

b) Prime minister

c) Speaker of Lok Sabha

d) Speaker of Rajya Sabha

Question 45: Who among the following is the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government of India?

a) Chief Justice of India

b) Attorney General of India

c) Chief Justice of Delhi High Court

d) Solicitor General of India

Question 46: The Planning Commission was set up by the GovernmentofIndia in the year:

a) 1948

b) 1950

c) 1949

d) 1951

Question 47: _____________ means cases that can be directly considered by the Supreme Court without going to the lower courts before that.

a) Original Jurisdiction

b) Writ Jurisdiction

c) Appellate Jurisdiction

d) Advisory Jurisdiction

Question 48: Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Zubin Irani is a member of the Lok Sabha representing which of the following states ?

a) Uttar  Pradesh

b) Gujarat

c) Rajasthan

d) Karnataka

e) Maharashtra

Question 49: An individual who is not a member of either house of the Parliament can be appointed as a member of the Council of Minister, but he must become the member of the either house in how many months?

a) 3 months

b) 6 months

c) one year

d) 2 years

Question 50: In India, what is the minimum permissible age for employment in a factory ?

a) 14 years

b) 16 years

c) 18 years

d) 21 years

Question 51: ________ means that the President of India can refer any matter that is of public importance or that which involves interpretation of Constitution to Supreme Court for advice.

a) Original Jurisdiction

b) Writ Jurisdiction

c) Appellate Jurisdiction

d) Advisory Jurisdiction

Question 52: The recently re-launched ‘Varishtha Pension Bima Yoj ana’ administered by the LIC will be available from August 15, 2014 to…………………..

a) March 31, 2015

b) December 31, 2015

c) April 1, 2015

d) August 14, 2015

e) March 31, 2016

Question 53: IPC stands for

a) International Peace Code

b) Indian Peace Code

c) Indian Penal Code

d) International Punishment Code

Question 54: Indian Constitution has given some liberties to its citizens. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about it. Citizen is free to the liberty of –

a) his expression and speech

b) to gather peacefully without arms

c) to purchase land and property in any part of the country

d) to do business in any trade in the list prepared by Indian Government

e) to form associations or unions

Question 55: Which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India deals with the Power Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and its Members?

a) Article – 12

b) Articles 105 and 194

c) Article 68 and 94

d) Article 147

Question 56: Which of the following leaders was the First Speaker of Lok Sabha?

a) G V Mavalankar

b) A Rukmini Devi

c) M A Ayyangar

d) S Radhakrishnan

Question 57: Which article of the constitution abolishes untouchability?

a) Article 44

b) Article 15

c) Article 14

d) Article 17

Question 58: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is appointed by the

a) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

b) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

c) Prime Minister

d) President

Question 59: Two – Party System is found in

a) Russia

b) U.S.A.

c) India

d) France

Question 60: Which one of the following come under reserved subjects?

a) Agriculture

b) Public Health

c) Education

d) Land Revenue


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Question 61: Green revolution is initiated in which five year plan in India?

a) First

b) Third

c) Sixth

d) Fifth

Question 62: How many high courts are there in India?

a) 20

b) 24

c) 12

d) 16

Question 63: The maximum strength of Rajya Sabha is?

a) 552

b) 558

c) 228

d) 238

Question 64: How many lok sabha seats are there for Mizoram?

a) 1

b) 4

c) 2

d) 3

Question 65: What is the tenure of members of election commission of India?

a) 4 years

b) 5 years

c) 6 years

d) 2 years

Question 66: Which schedule of the constitution has to be amended for the formation of a new state?

a) Second schedule

b) First schedule

c) Fifth schedule

d) Third schedule

Question 67: Who among the following can remove governor of a state from his office?

a) President

b) Chief minister

c) Parliament

d) None of the above

Question 68: What is the minimum age of holding office in Lok Sabha?

a) 25 years

b) 30 years

c) 35 years

d) 40 years

Question 69: How many representatives can be appointed by the president of India in Rajya Sabha?

a) 2

b) 12

c) 5

d) 7

Question 70: Supreme court of India came into force on which year?

a) 1947

b) 1945

c) 1950

d) 1949

Question 71: Senior Supreme Court advocate Mr.Mukul Rohatgi has been appointed as ?

a) Principal Secretary to the PM

b) Director of public Prosecutions

c) Advocate General of India

d) Attorney General of India

Question 72: Which of the following is/are commodity/ies on which subsidy is given to farmers/poor in India?
A) Fertilizer B) Kerosene C) LPG

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) All A, B & C

Question 73: The maximum number of members that a president can nominate in Rajya Sabha is?

a) 12

b) 11

c) 10

d) 9

Question 74: Which article in the constitution of India prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 in any factory?

a) Article 4

b) Article 345

c) Article 24

d) Article 230

Question 75: The Lok Sabha Elections are held in how many phases?

Question 76: Which one of the following is not an organ of the Government?

a) Executive

b) Legislative

c) Sovereignty

d) Judiciary

Question 77: Expand JAM Trinity, the initiative by the GOI to plug the leakages of government subsidies

a) Jan Dhan-Aadhar-Money

b) Jan Dhan-Account-Mobile

c) Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile

d) Jan Hith-Aadhaar-Mobile

Question 78: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched by the governmentof India on the birth anniversary of:

a) Mahatma Gandhi

b) Vallabhbhai Patel

c) Jawaharlal Nehru

d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Question 79: As a rough estimate the farm sector provides livelihood to how many families in India ? Approximately—

a) 60 million

b) 80 million

c) 100 million

d) 115 million

e) 125 million

Question 80: Who was removed as the Minister of Information and Broadcasting when emergency was imposed in India in 1975?

a) Jaipal Reddy

b) Vasant Sathe

c) IK Gujral

d) Ambika Soni


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Question 81: Which among the following organizations of India, imposed a penalty of Rs. 1 crore on Google for failing to provide information related to an investigation into its alleged unfair trade practices in India?

a) CCI

b) RBI

c) Planning Commission


Question 82: Who among the following also presides the sessions of the Rajya Sabha as its Chairman/Person ?

a) President

b) Vice President

c) Prime Minister

d) Leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha

e) Minister of Home Affairs

Question 83: Who is the governor of Jammu and Kashmir?

Question 84: Who is the present chief election commissioner of India?

Question 85: As per the newspaper reports, the Govt of India has finally agreed to purchase advanced MRMRs for its Naval Forces. What are these MRMRs ?

a) Aircraft

b) Warships

c) Submarines

d) Radar Systems

e) Rocket Launchers

Question 86: Which of the following countries has agreed to accept the payment of export of oil and petroleum products to India, in terms of rupee instead of dollar or any other currency ?

a) Kuwait

b) UAE

c) Iran

d) Iraq

e) Libya

Question 87: Federalism is a system of government in which the powers is …….. between a central authority and various constituent units of the country.

a) Divided

b) Incited

c) Derided

d) Indicted

Question 88: The number of officially recognized languages according to the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution is.

a) 22

b) 15

c) 19

d) 25

Question 89: The Govt of India has decided to build a Nuclear Power plant in which of the following North-Eastern States ?

a) Manipur

b) Assam

c) Meghalaya

d) Arunachal pradesh

e) None of these

Question 90: Which act introduced principle of elections to the legislative council?

Question 91: Article 370 of the Indian constitution deals with________

Question 92: Who is the 25th Governor of Reserve Bank of India(RBI)?

Question 93: The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. Which act or governing document did it replace?

a) Government of India Act, 1858

b) Government of India Act, 1935

c) Indian Councils Act, 1892

d) Regulating Act, 1773

Question 94: Total Gross National Product Divided by the total population is known as which of the following in economics ?

a) Statutory Liquidity Ratio

b) Inflation

c) National Income

d) Deflation

e) Per Capita Income

Question 95: India recently signed a Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters.
This will help India in having a strict check on which of the following issues

a) Nuclear safety of its plants

b) Illegal supply of narcotics and drugs

c) Balance of trade

d) Black money and stashes abroad

e) Border trade among SAARC nations

Question 96: Which of the following countries in India’s neighbourhood is facing charges of violation of human rights of Tamilians living there ?

a) Sri Lanka

b) Myanmar

c) Afghanistan

d) Pakistan

e) Nepal

Question 97: Constituent Assembly of India was formulated on the recommendation of

a) Wavel plan

b) Cripps Mission

c) August Offer

d) Cabinet Mission

Question 98: How many schedules are there in the Indian Constitution?

a) Twelve

b) Twenty Five

c) Seventy Six

d) Thirty Five

Question 99: Who among the following is from Trinamool Congress party ?

a) Srikant Jena

b) Navin Jindal

c) Gurudas Dasgupta

d) Dinesh Trivedi

e) Sanjay Nirupam

Question 100: Who said, “A state is known by the rights that it maintains” ?

a) Machiavelli

b) Laski

c) Maclver

d) J.S. Mill

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (A)

5) Answer (A)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (C)

The Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha and he normally chairs a session of the Rajya Sabha

8) Answer (A)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (D)

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (C)

15) Answer (D)

16) Answer (A)

17) Answer (B)

18) Answer (D)

19) Answer (B)

20) Answer (A)

21) Answer (B)

22) Answer (C)

23) Answer (A)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (A)

26) Answer (C)

27) Answer (C)

28) Answer (C)

29) Answer (D)

30) Answer (A)

31) Answer (B)

32) Answer (A)

33) Answer (A)

34) Answer (A)

35) Answer (B)

36) Answer (D)

37) Answer (A)

38) Answer (A)

39) Answer (B)

40) Answer (B)

41) Answer (B)

42) Answer (A)

43) Answer (B)

44) Answer (A)

45) Answer (B)

46) Answer (B)

47) Answer (A)

48) Answer (A)

49) Answer (B)

50) Answer (A)

51) Answer (D)

52) Answer (D)

53) Answer (C)

54) Answer (D)

55) Answer (B)

56) Answer (A)

57) Answer (D)

58) Answer (D)

59) Answer (B)

60) Answer (D)

61) Answer (C)

62) Answer (B)

63) Answer (D)

64) Answer (A)

65) Answer (C)

66) Answer (B)

67) Answer (A)

68) Answer (A)

69) Answer (B)

70) Answer (C)

71) Answer (D)

Mukul Rohatgi is the 14th and current Attorney General of India. Who was appointed by the Narendra Modi-led NDA Government the 2014 General Elections.

72) Answer (D)

73) Answer (A)

74) Answer (C)

75) Answer: 7

76) Answer (C)

77) Answer (C)

JAM = Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile

78) Answer (A)

79) Answer (D)

80) Answer (C)

81) Answer (A)

The Competition Commission of India has fined Google Rs. 1 crore for failure to comply with the directions given by Director General seeking information and documents. CCI’s current chairman is Ashok Chawla.
Choice a

82) Answer (B)

83) Answer: Satya Pal Malik

84) Answer: Sunil Arora

85) Answer (A)

86) Answer (C)

87) Answer (A)

88) Answer (A)

89) Answer (C)

90) Answer: Indian Councils Act 1909

91) Answer: Special Status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir

92) Answer: Shaktikant Das

93) Answer (B)

94) Answer (E)

95) Answer (D)

96) Answer (A)

97) Answer (D)

98) Answer (A)

99) Answer (D)

100) Answer (B)

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