Synonyms and antonyms for SSC CHSL pdf questions

Synonyms and Antonyms for SSC CHSL questions
Synonyms and Antonyms for SSC CHSL questions

SSC CGL and CHSL have english vocabulary questions. The questions on Synonyms and Antonyms, homonyms will be asked on this english vocabulary.

Synonyms and antonyms questions for SSC CHSL pdf:

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Question 1:

Select the synonym of bristle

a) thorn
b) tranquil
c) friction
d) sleek

Question 2:

Select the antonym of castigated

a) approve
b) rate
c) flay
d) drub

Question 3:

Select the antonym of deliberate

a) judge
b) imprudent
c) cogitate
d) argue

Question 4:

Select the synonym of confuse

a) explicate
b) perplex
c) mix
d) divert


Question 5:

Select the synonym of spine

a) supple
b) vertebrae
c) rotund
d) grime

Question 6:

Select the antonym of to brood

a) to repine
b) to ignore
c) to fret
d) to mope

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Question 7:

Select the synonym of crown

a) frown
b) apex
c) nadir
d) base

Question 8:

Select the synonym of preacher

a) atheist
b) agnostic
c) evangelist
d) pagan

Question 9:

Select the antonym of veracity

a) deceit
b) condor
c) probity
d) rectitude

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Question 10:

Select the synonym of deployment

a) bane
b) banishment
c) stationing
d) strategise

Solutions 1 to 10

1) Answer (a)

2) Answer (a)

3) Answer (b)

4) Answer (b)

5) Answer (b)

6) Answer (b)

7) Answer (b)

8) Answer (c)

9) Answer (a)

10) Answer (c)

Synonyms and Antonyms for SSC CHSL PDF will be useful to you, also try more vocabulary questions

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