SSC GD Constable Exam 11th Feb 2019 Asked Questions PDF with answers

SSC GD 11th feb 2019 question paper

SSC GD Exam 11th Feb 2019 Asked Questions Shift-1, Shift-2 and Shift-3:

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has started SSC GD 1st phase by conducting a Written test. SSC GD Computer based test will take place from 11th Feb – 11th March 2019. SSC will recruit for 54953 GD vacancies in various forces. Going through this yesterday’s and today’s paper will help you what to expect in your upcoming exam.

Download SSC GD 11th Feb Asked General Awareness Questions/Question paper with answers of the actual exam. We will also update more questions as we get. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel to not miss important updates.


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The exam was conducted in 3 shifts. The Day- 1 first shift exam was conducted from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. We have compiled the questions asked from the 3 shifts of the exam.

SSC GD 2019 Exam Analysis:

Computer Based Test consists of 100 questions carrying 100 marks. The main point is that there is no negative marking in the exam.

  • Candidates who appeared for the exam claimed that the difficulty of the exam paper was easy to moderate.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.
  • SSC will decide the minimum qualifying marks through normalisation.
  • Candidates have to choose 4th optional section from English/Hindi.

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SSC GD Exam Pattern:

Subject No. of Questions Max. Marks
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 25
General Knowledge and General Awareness 25 25
Elementary Maths 25 25
English/Hindi 25 25
 Total 100 100

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SSC GD 11th Feb 2019 Asked Questions:

Now, let us look at the questions that are asked in the SSC GD 11th Feb 2019 Computer Based Exam including the shift-1, shift-2 and shift-3. These questions will be helpful in understanding the type and level of questions that are asked.


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The answers are given after the questions:

Question 1: When was the Goa liberated from Portuguese?

Question 2: Who became the first Asian woman to swim across the English Channel?

Question 3: Which city has hosted the 8th World Hindi Summit ?

Question 4: Who is the founder of the Haryanka dynasty?

Question 5: Which is the largest harbour in India ?

Question 6: What is the ratio of the length & breadth of Indian National Flag?

Question 7: Who is the author of the poem “Padmavat”?

Question 8: Which country will host the 2020 Olympic games ?

Question 9: On which day is the National Voters’ Day observed in India?

Question 10: where are the caves of Ajanta & Ellora located?

Question 11: Who is the supreme commander of the three armed forces in india?

Question 12: What is the capital of Assam?

Question 13: Who is the current Chief Justice of India ?

Question 14: Who is the author of the book named “Exam warriors” ?

Question 15: What is the full form of GPU?

Question 16: When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?

Question 17: Who is the first scientist to discover Oxygen?

Question 18: 1GB can be equated to how many Kilobytes?

Question 19: What is the origin of the river Narmada?

Question 20: Which country is the birthplace of Kabaddi?

Question 21: What is the full form of KYC?

Question 22: How many number of Planets are there in the Solar System ?

Question 23: Who is the author of “Satyarth Prakash ” ?

Question 24: Which is the largest Continent in the world ?

Question 25: Where is the headquarters of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh located?

Question 26: World Environment Day is observed on which day ?

Question 27: Who is the Chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW)?

Question 28: Who is honored with the 2018 ICC “International Cricket of the Year“ award?

Question 29: Who was the governor of RBI(Reserve bank of India ) who has recently resigned?

Question 30: In which year was the MGNREGA(Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act )Yojana first implemented?

Question 31: In which war was the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan defeated and killed?

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Question 32: When was the Constitution of USA signed?

Question 33: Who is the author of the “Century is not Enough” book?

Question 34: With which game is the Ranji Trophy related?

Question 35: Andaman & Nicobar islands comes under jurisdiction of which High Court?

Question 36: Which is the highest peak of South India?

Question 37: Which is the highest peak in Western India?

Question 38: Who is awarded with the 65th National Film Awards “Best Actress” award?

Question 39: Name the Smallest bone of the Ear

Question 40: Who is the Chief Executive Officer of BCCI ?

Question 41: Kathakali is a classical dance of which state ?

Question 42: Who became the first Indian woman to win an olympic silver medal (India) in Rio Olympics?

Question 43: In GDP (nominal terms), what is the rank of India according to the World Bank report?

Question 44: Who is the author of the book “Light of Asia”?

Question 45: What is the full form of GST

Question 46: What is the classical Dance of Tamil Nadu?

Question 47: What is the chemical name of table salt?

Question 48: What is the smallest state in India?

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Question 49: Who wrote the Book “India 2020”?

Question 50: What is the full form of DNA?

Question 51: The color of leaves is green due to a pigment called?

Question 52: When did civil war end in Sri Lanka?

Question 53: Which monument was made from the Pietra Dura technique?

Question 54: Lavani dance is associated with which state?

Question 55: Fundamental rights is included in which part of the Indian Constitution?

Question 56: When was the Soviet Union dissolved?

Question 57: Who is the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha?

Question 58: Bogibeel bridge is a combined road and rail bridge over the ……. river in the northeastern India?

Question 59: In which month are Kharif crops sown?

Question 60: Which strait separates India and Sri Lanka?

Question 61: In which year Napolean Bonaparte faced defeat?

Question 62: Which blood group is the Universal donor?

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SSC GD 11 Feb Answers/Solutions:

1) Answer: 1961

2) Answer: Arati Saha

3) Answer: New York City

4) Answer: Bimbisara

5) Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Mumbai

6) Answer: 3.2

7) Answer: Malik Muhammad Jayasi

8) Answer: Japan (Tokyo)

9) Answer: 25th January

10) Answer: Maharashtra

11) Answer: The President of India

12) Answer: Dispur

13) Answer: Ranjan Gogoi

14) Answer: Narendra Modi

15) Answer: Graphics Processing Unit

16) Answer: 30 January 1948

17) Answer: Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

18) Answer: 1024*1024

19) Answer: Amarkantak Plateau

20) Answer: India

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21) Answer: Know your Customer

22) Answer: 8

23) Answer: Dayananda Saraswati

24) Answer: Asia Continent

25) Answer: Nagpur

26) Answer: 5th June, The theme of World Environment Day 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

27) Answer: Rekha Sharma

28) Answer: Virat Kohli

29) Answer: Urjit Patel

30) Answer: 2005

31) Answer: Fourth Anglo-Mysore war

32) Answer: 1787

33) Answer: Sourav Ganguly

34) Answer: Cricket

35) Answer: Calcutta High Court

36) Answer: Anamudi, It is 2695 mtrs long.

37) Answer: Guru Shikhar

38) Answer: Sridevi for the movie Mom

39) Answer: Stapes

40) Answer: Rahul Johri

41) Answer: Kerala

42) Answer: PV Sindhu

43) Answer: 6th

44) Answer: Sir Edwin Arnold

45) Answer: Goods & Services Tax

46) Answer: Bharatnatyam

47) Answer: Sodium Chloride

48) Answer: Goa

49) Answer: AP] Abdul Kalam

50) Answer: Deoxyribonucleic acid

51) Answer: Chlorophyll

52) Answer: 18 May 2009

53) Answer: Taj Mahal

54) Answer: Maharashtra

55) Answer: Part III

56) Answer: Dec 1991

57) Answer: Meira Kumar

58) Answer: Brahmaputra

59) Answer: June (Rainy Season)

60) Answer: Palk Strait

61) Answer: 1815

62) Answer: 0- blood group

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