SSC CHSL General awareness study material pdf

SSC CHSL General awareness study material pdf
SSC CHSL General awareness study material pdf

In SSC CHSL General awareness section is most important as it has 50 marks. If you know the answer to the question, you can directly answer it as you don’t need to solve, so this section is time saver. So, we are giving some important SSC CHSL SSC CHSL general awareness study material important questions from previous asked questions papers of 2017. Please try to solve the questions below and also try to practice more from previous papers on general awareness on SSC CHSL study material.

SSC CHSL General awareness study material:

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Question 1:

Adding which substance gives green colour to glass?

a) Calcium oxide
b) Iron oxide
c) Chromium oxide
d) Manganese oxide

Question 2:

Ellora Caves is in

a) Karnataka
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Maharashtra
d) Rajasthan

Question 3:

What does a catalyst do in a reaction?

a) Changes potential energy of reactants
b) Changes kinetic energy of reactants
c) Changes potential energy of products
d) Changes activation energy

Question 4:

Prawn belongs to the phylum

a) Arthropoda
b) Cnidaria
c) Echinodermata
d) Chordata

Question 5:

Scurvy (bleeding of gums) is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?

a) Vitamin K
b) Vitamin B2
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin A

Question 6:

Highest Civilian Honour received by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is

a) Padma Shri
b) Padma Bhushan
c) Padma Vibhushan
d) Bharat Ratna

Question 7:

Sri Aurobindo was born in the year

a) 1772
b) 1822
c) 1872
d) 1922

Question 8:

Tipu Sultan was also known as Tiger of ___________.

a) Mysore
b) Delhi
c) Agra
d) Gwalior

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Question 9:

Which state in India receives the highest rainfall?

a) Meghalaya
b) Rajasthan
c) Uttarakhand
d) Kerala

Question 10:

In which direction does the earth rotates around its axis?

a) east to west
b) west to east
c) north to south
d) south to east


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Question 11:

_____ is an indigenous light combat aircraft of India?

a) Vishal
b) Garv
c) Tejas
d) Dhanush

Question 12:

The number of biogeographical zones in India are

a) 2
b) 10
c) 5
d) 6

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Question 13:

Which of the following gases if present in the atmosphere can be detected by its odour?

a) Ethane
b) Sulphur dioxide
c) Hydrogen
d) Carbon monoxide

Question 14:

Balance of Trade is the difference between

a) Country’s Income and Expense
b) Country’s Exports and Imports
c) Country’s Tax Revenue and Expense
d) Country’s capital inflow and outflow

Question 15:

_____ festival is celebrated on a full-moon day.

a) Dussehra
b) Holi
c) Christmas
d) Rakhi

Solutions: (1 to 15)

1) Answer (c)

2) Answer (c)

3) Answer (d)

4) Answer (a)

5) Answer (c)

6) Answer (d)

7) Answer (c)

8) Answer (a)

9) Answer (a)

10) Answer (b)

11) Answer (c)

12) Answer (b)

13) Answer (b)

14) Answer (b)

15) Answer (b)

Hope this SSC CHSL general awareness study material questions are useful to you. Please try to solve from previous questions papers of SSC CHSL to learn more on this topic.

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