Important National Current Affairs – December 2017 PDF

Important National Affairs December 2017
Important National Affairs December 2017

Important Current Affairs of India December 2017 :

Following are the list of 30 Most Important National current Affairs of Indian in December 2017 compiled as Questions.

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Question 1: The Government has set a deadline to stop registering Vehicles with Emission standard Bharat Stage- IV after which date?

a: March – 2019
b: December – 2018
c: June – 2020
d: December – 2022

Question 2: The 6th International Tourism mart is held in which of the following Cities?

a: Bhubaneshwar
b: Kolkata
c: Delhi
d: Guwahati

Question 3: Recently a centre for excellence in floriculture is jointly inaugurated in Tamilnadu by India and which other country?

a: Australia
b: Israel
c: Iran
d: UK

Question 4: The Naval Maritime Aircraft Museum in Visakhapatnam is inaugurated by?

a: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
b: President Ram Nath Kovind
c: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu
d: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitaraman

Question 5: A three-day media workshop on ‘Climate Change Reporting’ is held in which of the following Cities?

a: Kohima
b: Visakhapatnam
c: Chennai
d: Mumbai

Question 6: A new multi-colored logo for the Kumbh Mela was inaugurated by UP Governer Ram Naik, Kumbh Mela is scheduled to be held in Allahabad in which year?

a: March,2020
b: October, 2019
c: December,2020
d: January 2019

Question 7: The government has recently drafted which of the following Bills that will replace the 83-Year-Old Medical Council of India with a new body to regulate Medical Education in India?

a: Medical Education Regulation Bill
b: Medical Association of India Bill
c: National Medical Commission Bill
d: Medical Education Board of India Bill

Question 8: Which Indian Village recently got electricity for the first time since Independence?

a: Jokapatha, Chhattisgarh
b: Akodara, Gujarat
c: Nadia, West Bengal
d: Khonoma, Nagaland

Question 9: Government has recently approved setting up of how many Mega Food Parks under Mega Food Parks Scheme?

a: 18 Mega Food Parks
b: 94 Mega Food Parks
c: 42 Mega Food Parks
d: 77 Mega Food Parks

Question 10: How many IIM’s have been given the status of Institutions of National Importance as per the recently amended IIM Bill,2017 by the Parliament?

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a: 11
b: 15
c: 20
d: 17

Question 11: Which of the following Cities hosted the 7th India International Coffee Festival 2017 organised by India Coffee Trust and Coffee Board of India?

a: Bengaluru
b: Kolkata
c:  New Delhi
d: Mumbai

Question 12: Atal Innovation Mission ( AIM ) has selected how many schools for Tinkering Labs across India?

a: 1000
b: 850
c:  1500
d: 2000

Question 13: Centre has released how much amount to states as a compensation of GST covering period July- October 2017?

a: 30,000 Crore
b: 17,500 Crore
c: 42,000 Crore
d: 24,500 Crore

Question 14: Recently the Centre for Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Learning            (CEOL) is inaugurated by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitaraman in which of the following Cities ?

a: Warangal, Telangana
b: Berhampur, Odisha
c: Mangaluru, Karnataka
d: Rajkot, Gujarat

Question 15: Jewar Airport which will become India’s Biggest airport in terms of Area after completion of construction, is coming up in which City?

a: Vadodara, Gujarat
b: Kolhapur, Maharashtra
c: Indore, Madya Pradesh
d: Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Question 16: Which of the following is going to be the first Indian state to set up Green University?

a: Andhra Pradesh
b: Kerala
c: West Bengal
d: Chhattisgarh

Question 17: President Ramnath Kovind has recently inaugurated Hornbill festival, it is the State Festival of which of the following states?

a: Nagaland
b: Tamilnadu
c: West Bengal
d: Rajasthan

Question 18: World’s First IT Campus for Persons with Disabilities is coming up in which of the following cities?

a: Hyderabad
b: Bengaluru
c: Pune
d: New Delhi

Question 19: India will soon get its first Runway on Sea Bridge of which of the following Airports?

a: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
b: Madurai Airport
c: Agatti Airport, Lakshadweep
d: Visakhapatnam Airport

Question 20: Which International Organization is providing USD 125 Million Loan to support STRIVE Project for Skill Development in India?

a: International Monetary Fund
b: World Bank
c: Asian Development Bank
d: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

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Question 21: India’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant is set up in which of the following places?

a: Gobind Sagar Reservoir, Himachal Pradesh
b: Krishnagiri Reservoir, Tamilnadu
c: Tawa Reservoir, Madya Pradesh
d: Banasura Sagar Reservoir, Kerala

Question 22: Which of the following railway stations has become India’s First Energy Efficient Railway Station?

a: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai
b: Kacheguda Railway station, Hyderabad
c: Kanpur Central Railway station, Kanpur
d: Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station, New Delhi

Question 23: India’s first National Rail and Transportation University is coming up in which of the following cities?

a: Vadodara, Gujarat
b: Pune, Maharashtra
c: Indore, Madya Pradesh
d: Chennai, Tamilnadu

Question 24: India Railway has flagged off the first AC Sub-Urban Local Train in which of the following Cities?

a: New Delhi
b: Ahmedabad
c: Chennai
d: Mumbai

Question 25:100th Annual conference of the Indian Economic Association inaugurated by President Ramnath Kovind is held in which of the following Universities?

a: Bangalore University, Bangalore
b: Solapur University, Maharashtra
c: Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
d: Benarus Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh

Question 26: Which of the following has become the first state to offer 24 Hours free supply to Farmers in the state?

a: Gujarat
b: Telangana
c: Madya Pradesh
d: Maharastra

Question 27: India will be hosting the third Annual meeting of the Board of Governors of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in which of the following Cities in June 2018?

a: Mumbai
b: Hyderabad
c: New Delhi
d: Kolkata

Question 28: India’s First University of Design is coming up in which of the following cities?

a: Vadodara, Gujarat
b: Mysore, Karnataka
c: Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
d: Sonipat, Haryana

Question 29: Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change has launched which of the following Projects to enhance standards of Cleanliness on Beaches Across the Country?

a: Project Blue
b: Operation Beach
c: Blue Flag
d: Swachh Beach Campaign

Question 30: Indian Railways has set out a Plan to make all Railway Stations in the country, 100% LED lit, by what time? It is expected to save Rs 180 Crore Annually to Indian Railways.

a: June – 2019
b: September – 2022
c: March – 2018
d: December – 2020

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  3. Answer (B)
  4. Answer (B)
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  7. Answer (C)
  8. Answer (A)
  9. Answer (C)
  10. Answer (C)
  11. Answer (A)
  12. Answer (C)
  13. Answer (D)
  14. Answer (C)
  15. Answer (D)
  16. Answer (C)
  17. Answer (A)
  18. Answer (A)
  19. Answer (C)
  20. Answer (B)
  21. Answer (D)
  22. Answer (B)
  23. Answer (A)
  24. Answer (D)
  25. Answer (C)
  26. Answer (B)
  27. Answer (A)
  28. Answer (D)
  29. Answer (C)
  30. Answer (C)

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