How to crack CAT in 9 months – Excellent CAT preparation strategy

How to prepare for CAT in 9 months - Excellent CAT preparation strategy
A detailed blog on the CAT preparation strategy that one must adopt to ace CAT in 9 months

How to crack CAT in 9 months:

CAT 2019 exam is around 9 months away. One of the questions that nag most aspirants now is how to crack CAT in 9 months. In this article, let us see what must be one’s CAT preparation strategy to get a competitive score.

Are 9 months sufficient for CAT preparation?

Without an any kind of doubt, 9 months is a sufficient time frame to prepare for the exam from scratch. CAT is not a syllabus-heavy exam. Aspirants would have studied the topics earlier while they were at school. It is the competition that makes the exam tough. Therefore, aspirants must do away with such questions and start their preparation.

Having a sound CAT preparation strategy is crucial to crack the exam. Aspirants must ensure that their preparation is structured. The first and foremost step one must take before moving on to frame one’s CAT preparation strategy is to know the exam. Let us have a look at the topics tested in the exam.

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The exam consists of 3 sections.

1.Verbal ability and reading comprehension
2. Data interpretation and logical reasoning
3. Quantitative ability

2 of the 3 sections do not require aspirants to memorize anything. The habits of the aspirant so far have a crucial role in determining one’s score in the exam.

Best CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy:

We can divide the preparation period into 3 major phases. Let us have a look at what they are.

1. Building the basics – April/May:

Before starting with the preparation, aspirants must try to take a mock test to know where they stand. This will help them establish what their ground zero is. Also, a mock can help a great deal in identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses.

This phase must last till May. The prime motive of the aspirants during this period must be to acquire conceptual clarity. Aspirants must devote enough time to each topic so that their fundamentals are clear. Also, aspirants must ensure that they do not leave out any section. Most of the B schools have sectional cut offs. Even if a section proves to be troublesome, aspirants must take the pain to hit at least 95 percentile in the section.

Aspirants must develop a reading habit and make sure that they are comfortable reading articles across various genres. Also, aspirants must try solving puzzles as the DILR sets appearing off-late are rather unconventional. In quants section, aspirants must avoid going for quick fixes and must try to stick to the basics.

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2. Developing speed – May to August:

From May to August, aspirants must solve a good number of problems to reinforce the concepts. Aspirants must also try to solve problems within time limits. This will help them in determining whether a question must be attempted or left during the exam. Therefore, aspirants must solve a large number of problems from various sources during this period.

3. Mocks and analysis – May to November:

Mocks help aspirants to fine tune their test-taking skills. Selecting the right questions during the exam is crucial. Therefore, aspirants must ensure that they take a sufficient number of mocks before the exam to fine-tune their skills.

Analysing the mocks is more important than taking them. Check for traps you had walked into during the exam. If a particular type of question proves troublesome, try to be careful with such questions in the future mocks.


Aspirants must try to beat down their mistakes with each passing mock. Also, aspirants must try to find a balance between speed and accuracy. Aspirants must start taking mocks from May. The frequency of taking mocks must increase from August. The period from August to November must be spent solely on taking mocks and working on the mistakes. Also, aspirants must try out various strategies in the mocks to finalize one for the D-day.

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We hope that this article would have given you some idea about how to prepare for CAT in 9 months. For more useful articles, try reading and CAT preparation tips for beginners and CAT preparation tips from toppers.



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