GK Questions for Railway Group D & ALP Exam

GK Questions for Railway Group D Exam
GK Questions for Railway Group D Exam

GK Questions for Railway Group D & ALP Exam:

General knowledge questions and answers for Railway Group D & ALP exam. Download PDF of important GK questions from previous year question papers of Railways.

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Question 1:

Echo is heard, when reflective surface has-

a) Lesser volume
b) Large area
c) Lesser area
d) More density

Question 2:

The sound waves, when obstructed–

a) Turns
b) Go straight
c) Stops
d) Reflected

Question 3:

Dronacharya Award is presented to a–

a) Sports coach
b) Chess champion
c) Hockey player
d) Cricket player

Question 4:

‘A Bond with the Mountains’ is a collection of short stories by

a) Khushwant Singh
b) Ruskin Bond
c) Graham Greene
d) R. K. Narayan

Question 5:

Which country patented its famous automatic rifle Kalashnikov ?

a) Russia
b) China
c) Afghanistan
d) Spain

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Question 6:

The book ‘The Insider’ is written by-

a) P. V. Narasimha Rao
b) Shobha De
c) Vikram Chandra
d) Khushwant Singh

Question 7:

Bhatnagar Award is given for significant contribution in the field of–

a) Economics
b) Agriculture
c) Literature
d) Science and Technology

Question 8:

Almatti Dam has been an issue of dispute between-

a) Karnataka and Kerala
b) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
c) Tamil Nadu and Kerala
d) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

Question 9:

India’s maximum tax revenue comes from-

a) Corporation tax
b) Income tax
c) Excise tax
d) Customs duty

Question 10:

Who wrote the book, ‘Never Gandhi Not Again’ ?

a) R. K. Narayan
b) Omesh Saigal
c) Arun Shourie
d) Narasimha Rao

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Question 11:

First Muslim invader who came to India in 712, was

a) Mohammad Ghandi
b) Babur
c) Alauddin Ghori
d) Mohammad Bin Kasim

Question 12:

Indian Administrative Service was started during the rule of

a) Lord Dalhousie
b) Lord Curzon
c) William Bentick
d) Lord Cornwallis

Question 13:

One horned Rhinoceros is found in

a) Assam
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Uttar Pradesh

Question 14:

Which of the following is called ‘Land of Thousand Snakes’ ?

a) Finland
b) Norway
c) Switzerland
d) Thailand

Question 15:

Fathometer measures

a) Earthquake
b) Atmospheric pressure
c) Depth of sea
d) Temperature

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Solutions : 

1) Answer (b)

2) Answer (d)

3) Answer (a)

4) Answer (b)

5) Answer (a)

6) Answer (a)

7) Answer (d)

8) Answer (b)

9) Answer (a)

10) Answer (b)

11) Answer (d)

12) Answer (a)

13) Answer (a)

14) Answer (a)

15) Answer (c)

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