CUET PG 2024 One Month Preparation Plan

The CUET PG MBA 2024 application process started on December 26 online and wrapped up on February 10, 2024. The exam is set to run from March 11 to March 28, 2024. The QP code for MBA and related courses is COQP 12. It’s worth noting that CUET score is accepted by prestigious institutions like the TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and Banaras Hindu University (BHU). In this article, we will have a look into a practical one-month subject-wise Preparation Plan to help you crack CUET PG. Let’s simplify the journey and gear up for success in these last 30 days.

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First Phase (Day 1 to Day 7)

  • English Comprehension: Mastering the Basics

    • Dive deep into English Grammar, understanding its basics.
    • Then,for Usage Errors, make it a habit to spot and correct errors in articles, blogs, or newspapers.
    • In Jumbled Para and Sentence Correction, try breaking down sentences mentally to enhance your correction skills.
    • Reading Comprehension is an art; practice by summarizing passages in your own words.
  • Logical Reasoning: Decoding the Patterns

    • In Ranking Tests and Arrangements, look for logical patterns and devise a systematic approach.
    • Develop a strategy for Statements Arguments and Cause and Effects thereby understanding the logical link between statements.
    • For Non-Verbal Reasoning, practice recognizing patterns quickly. This helps to save time during the exam.

Second Phase (Day 7 to Day 14)

  • English Comprehension: Improving Vocabulary

    • Continuously build your vocabulary for Synonyms & Antonyms and Idioms & Phrases.
    • Additionally ,for One-word Substitution, try creating your own shortcuts or associations.
    • Devote some time daily to read articles from diverse genres to broaden your understanding.
  • Quantitative Ability: Beyond Calculations

    • Understand the practical applications of Partnership and Profit & Loss for a real-world perspective which not only results in better but also faster solving during exam scenario.
    • In Pipes and Cisterns or Time-Speed-Distance problems, focus on problem-solving rather than just calculations.Devise strategies or tricks which help you to visualize the situation in mind. Practice a wide variety of questions.
    • Quality is crucial; understand the logic behind each solution rather than just memorizing formulas.
    • Develop a mental timer during Time and Work problems – time management is crucial.
    • Develop a cheat sheet summarizing all important formulas after analyzing logic behind each formula.
    • Aim to solve at least 50 quant questions daily.

Third Phase (Day 14 to Day 21)

  • English Comprehension: Unraveling Complexity

    • Tackle Paragraph Completion with a strategic approach, identifying the central theme.
    • For Sentence Improvement, consider rewriting sentences in multiple ways to grasp different improvements.
    • Read articles with complex sentence structures to refine your sentence construction skills

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  • Data Interpretation: The Art of Analysis

    • Develop a skill or habit for interpreting data quickly in Pie Charts, Line Charts, and Bar Graphs.
    • Subsequently,for Data Sufficiency, focus on understanding the relationships within the given information.
    • Practice Sets and Venn Diagrams regularly to streamline your approach.

Fourth Phase (Day 21 to Day 28)

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

    • Finalize your reading comprehension practice with varied topics and styles.
    • For One-word Substitution, try creating your own sentences using the words you’ve learned
    • Solve as many quant questions as you can in this final phase.
    • Practice LR and DI sets from various online sources, books and mock tests.
    • Make sure you have done all the past year questions as it helps in building the confidence and understanding the types of questions asked in the actual exam.
  • Mock Tests and Revision: The Final Lap

    • Engage in full-length mock tests to simulate exam conditions.
    • Analyze the mock solutions critically, focusing on the thought process.
    • Discuss doubts and strategies with peers; diverse perspectives can be enlightening.
    • Regularly revisit the cheat sheet of formulas and concepts.

Remember, success is not just about solving problems but about understanding the underlying concepts.Therefore,embrace challenges, stay positive, and believe in your preparation.

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