RRB ALP 10th Aug 2018 shift-1 Question 58

Question 58

In a 900 metres race, Sathish beats Kiran by 270 metres and Rahul by 340 metres. By how many metres does Kiran beat Rahul in the same race?


In a 900 meter race if satish beats kiran by 270m and rahul by 340m then all have completed the race 900m,630m and 570m respectively.

now we have to calculate by how many meters does kiran beat rahul then we have to calculate how much distance rahul covers when kiran will cover 900m..

so here distance coverd by rahul when kiran covers 900m is $$\frac{900\times\ 560}{630}=800$$

so it is clear that kiran will beat rahul by 100m.

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