RRB NTPC 2 April 2016 (3rd Shift)


Study the following table and answer the questions below
Given below is the list of Expenditures (in lakh Rupees) per annum of company Z Over the Years.

Question 81

What is the expenditure on Fuel and Transport as a percentage of expenditure on Salary for the year 2012?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 82

The cost of 2 pencil, 4 pens and 8 erasers is Rs. 12 and the cost of 8 pens, 10 pencils and 4 erasers is Rs. 36. How much will 3 pencils, 3 pens and 3 erasers cost?

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Question 83


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Question 84

What is Geotropism?

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Question 85

If the cost price of 120 articles is equal to the selling price of 80 articles, find the profit percent.

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Question 86

In 2016, ISRO conducted 1st satellite-based warning system trial for Indian Railways in

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Question 87

In 1831, electricity became viable for use in technology when ________ created the electric dynamo.

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Question 88

If RAILWAY is coded as 24-7-15-18-29-7-31 then how will you code STATION?

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Question 89

Select the correct set of symbols: 64 4 5 8 = 88

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Study the diagram given below and answer the questions based on it.

$$\triangle$$ represents Students who have choosen  Art Course

$$\circ$$ represents Students who have choosen  Science Course

$$\Box$$ represents Students who have choosen  DanceCourse


Question 90

How many students have chosen the Science course?

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