RRB JE 25th May 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Chandigarh is the capital of which of the following states?

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Question 62

Which of the following statements about the modern periodic table is CORRECT?

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Question 63

One day in the evening, an eagle was flying towards sun and turned left. Again it took left turn. Which direction was the eagle flying now?

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Question 64

Thillana is one of the presentation styles of which dance form?

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Question 65

Choose the alternative that best replaces the question mark in the given figure?

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Question 66

In this question, three statements are given followed by four conclusions. Choose the conclusion(s) which best fit(s) logically.
1) All gold are platinum.
2) Some platinum are silver.
3) All silver are diamonds.
I. Some diamonds are platinum.
II. Some diamonds are gold.
III. Some silver are gold.
IV. Some platinum are diamonds.

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Question 67

To hear a distinct echo, what is the minimum time interval required between the original sound and the echo?

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Question 68

Find the odd one out from the given options?

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Question 69

choose the figure that best represents the relationship among the classes given below?
Wheat, Grains, Onion, Maize

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Question 70

Which of these does NOT have an optical lens?

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