RRB JE 2015 Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

Large scale deforestation decreases :

Question 142

Zeroth Law of thermodynamics forms the basis of ........ measurement.

Question 143

BOD (Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand) of safe drinking water must be :

Question 144

The slenderness ratio of a compression member is :

Question 145

Which National Park is known for the 'Asiatic lions' ?

Question 146

In which of the following movement did Gandhiji make the first use of Hunger Strike as a weapon?

Question 147

Find the simple interest on ₹ 4800 at the rate of $$8 \frac{1}{2}$$% per annum for a period of 2 years 3 months.

Question 148

Global warming is caused by

Question 149

How many terms are there in the following series ?
201, 208, 215,...........,369

Question 150

The Indian Standard Time (I.S.T.) is ahead of Greenwich Mean time by:

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