RRB JE 1st June 2019 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

To monitor the foetal growth, the latest technique of __________ is used.

Question 2

Simplify $$\frac{2}{1-\sqrt{2}}$$

Question 3

Ethyl alcohol is used as a/an?

Question 4

In a certain code language, 'pat zoo sim' means 'eat good mangoes', 'pus sim tim' means'mangoes and sweets' and 'tim zoo kit' means 'purchase good sweets'. Which word in thatlanguage means 'eat'?

Question 5

Anemia is caused in man due to the deficiency of -

Question 6

The process in which acids and bases react to form salts and water is called ____________reaction.

Question 7

If Cosec$$\alpha$$=$$\sqrt{2}$$ Evaluate $$\frac{2sin^{2}\alpha+3cos^{2}\alpha}{cosec^{2}\alpha+cot^{2}\alpha} $$

Question 8

When was the universal immunisation programme started in India ?

Question 9

Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.
Seven friends— A, B, C, D, E, F and G like different colours—red, blue, white, pink, gblack and yellow, but not necessarily in the same order. They all have diferent hobbies (olike different activities) singing, drawing, reading, cooking, painting, dancing and fishing, bnecessarily in the same order.
The hobby of D is singing. The one whose hobby is cooking likes pink colour. A likes ycolour. The one whose hobby is fishing likes green colour. The hobby of F is reading. Neitnor F likes black colour. The one whose hobby is dancing, and drawing does not like colour. The hobby of A is not drawing. The one whose hobby is drawing does not like recolour. The hobby of G is not drawing. The one whose hobby is drawing does not like white colour; D does not like red colour. The hobby of G is neither painting nor dancing. E not like green colour. G does not like green and black colour. The hobby of B is not fishing and cooking.

Who among the following likes pink colour?

Question 10

If '+' means '-', '-' means '+', 'x' means 'Ă·' and 'Ă·' means 'x', then 5 - 5 + 5 Ă· 5 x 5 = ?

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