RRB Group-D 28th Sep 2018-shift -1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

Which state government launched the 'Gobar-dhan' scheme to support farmers?

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Question 32

Consider the given statement(s) and decide which of the given assumption(s) is/are implicit in the statement.
"Tomorrow morning the hockey team will report by 9.00 am instead of 8:00 am for practise" said the coach.
I. That day coach had some other work at 8:00 am.
II. They usually assemble for practice.

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Question 33

Which of the followin aroup produces naked seeds?

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Question 34

Find the next term in the following series:
31, 38, 44, 51, ..........

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Question 35

The ratio of the area of a square to the area of a reenlar hexagon. having the same perimeter is:

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Question 36

$$\frac{3}{12}$$ of $$\frac{(\frac{2}{5} + \frac{4}{15})}{(\frac{3}{5} - \frac{2}{5})} = ?$$

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Question 37

What is the next term in this series?
L, D, O, E, R, F, ?

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Question 38

The Electoral College who elects the President of India is formed by

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Question 39

An element of atomic number 16 will belong to the ...... period of the periodic table.

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Question 40

An electric bulb of 100 W is used 8 hours per day. The energy consumed by the bulb in one day is ....... units.

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