RRB Group-D 22nd Sep 2018-shift -3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Gandhiji launched the Non-Cooperation Movement in a small village called Champaran. In which current Indian state is Champaran located?

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Question 12

What is the name of the compound shown in the below structure?

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Question 13

What will be the acute angle between the hour hand and the minute hand at 6:25 p.m.?

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Question 14

The first three terms of a proportion are 3, 5 and 21, respectively. Find its fourth term.

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Question 15

Linen is related to Cloth in the same way as Gold is related to:

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Question 16

The angle of depression of the foot of a building from the top of a tower $$32\sqrt3$$ m high is 60°. How far away from the building is the tower?

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Question 17

In $$\triangle ABC$$, D and E are points on AB and AC respectively such that DE is parallel to BC. If AD = 2 cm, BD = 3 cm, ext-ADE then $$\frac{ar(\triangle ADE)}{ar(\triangle ABC)}$$, is:

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Question 18

What will be the unit digit in $$3^{31}$$ ?

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Question 19

What is least number added to 4042 to make it perfect square?

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Question 20

Read the given statement(s) and conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statement(s).
• All brooms are plastic.
• All plastics are handles.
1. All brooms are handles.
2. No plastic is a broom.

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