RRB Group-D 16th oct 2018-shift -3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Find the odd figure out from among the given figures.

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Question 92

Which of the following_ statements is true?

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Question 93

Who is the first Indian female cricketer to score 2000 runs in T20 International Cricket?

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Question 94

Solve the following equation:
$$\frac{3^2 - 8^2}{(3 + 8)^2} = ?$$

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Question 95

Complete the number series by choosing the correct options.
$$1, 8, 27, 64, ....., ......., 343, ......, 729.$$

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Question 96

Which movie won the Oscars for Best Picture in 2017?

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Question 97

Read the given statement and choose which argument is strong.
Watching cartoon movies is better than reading books.
I. Yes, watching cartoon movies is entertaining.
II. No, reading books inculcates love of knowledge and reading habit in children.

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Question 98

What does the KUSUM Scheme promote?

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Question 99

The ratio of two numbers is 5 : 6 and their LCM is 150. Find the sum of the two numbers.

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Question 100

Consider the following statements.
1. Mode can be computed from histogram
2. Median is not independent of change of scale
3. Variance is independent of change of origin and scale
Which of these is/are correct?

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