RRB ALP 9th Aug 2018 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in M shell is:

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Question 2

Using the above sequence find the characters that do NOT belong to the group:
AO+, MB5, N32, $2P

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Question 3

The sum of the present ages of two cousins is 46 years. Eight years ago, the elder one was twice as old as the younger one. What is the present age of the elder cousin?

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Question 4

To dispose of the old stocks, a person sold a tea-set for ₹ 3,420, which was 43% below the cost price. In order to make a profit of 10% the seller should have sold the set for ₹ ....... more.

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Question 5

Who is the current director of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s foreign
intelligence service?

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Question 6

On which dates of December, 2018 will be Wednesdays?

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Question 7

In the following Venn diagram which region represents the coach who is also a player but not a girl ?

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Question 8

Solve the following:

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Question 9

What are the receptors for detecting taste called?

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Question 10

Select the option that correctly fits in the blank space in the given figure.

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