RRB ALP 9th Aug 2018 shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

In Mendeleev’s periodic table, the properties of the elements are considered a periodic
function of their:

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Question 52

In the circle above, chord $\overline{AB}$ is extended to meet the tangent $\overline{DE}$ at D. If $\overline{AB}=12\ cm$ and $\overline{DE}=8\ cm$, find the length of $\overline{BD}$

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Question 53

By which legislation were India and Pakistan divided into two independent nations?

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Question 54

$$1 kWh=?$$

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Question 55

Umar and Avinash started a partnership with investments of ₹ 10,000 and ₹ 15,000, respectively but due to a financial emergency the latter had to withdraw his investment after 8 months. In whatratio should the profit of the first twelve months be shared among the duo?

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Question 56

Which of the following acids is present in Red Ants?

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Question 57

Consider the given argument and decide which of the given assumptions is/are implicit in the argument.
The campaign of ‘Swachh Bharat’, keep your cities clean, started by the apartment association didn’t bring much response from its residents.
1. Residents do not wish to keep their apartment clean.
2. The association had failed in the campaign.

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Question 58

From the options given, select the rotated version of the following image.

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Question 59

At 9.5% simple interest per annum a sum of money became ₹ 942 in 6 years. The sum initially invested was:

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Question 60

Which of the following is not a Triangular number?

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