RRB ALP 30th Aug 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Mugdha and Mayuri, working together, can complete a job in 18 days. However, Mayuri
works alone and leaves after completing two-fifths of the job and then Mugdha takes over and completes the remaining work by herself. As a result, the duo could complete the job in 39 days. How many days would Mugdha alone have taken to do the job if Mayuri worked faster than Mugdha?

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Question 72

....... is concerned with cell division.

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Question 73

Based on the given graph, the difference in the earnings was the highest between:

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Question 74

Find the value of the given expression.
$$ 6 - 36 \times 3 \div 6 + 5 = ? $$

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Question 75

If transparent sheet folded at the dotted line, then the resulting figure.

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