RRB ALP 29th Aug 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Find the LCM of 37, 111 and 148.

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Question 2

Two pipes A and B can fill an empty cistern in 32 and 48 hours, respectively. Pipe C can
drain the entire cistern in 64 hours when no other pipe is in operation. Initially, when the cistern was empty Pipe A and Pipe C were turned on. After a few hours, Pipe A was turned off and Pipe B was turned on instantly. In all it took 112 hours to fill the cistern. For how many hours was Pipe B turned on?

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Question 3

Identify the former ISRO chairman and space scientist who became the first Indian to be
inducted in the International Astron Federation (IAF) Hall of Fame.

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Question 4

Which of these numbers is divisible by 6?

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Question 5

Which of the following companies was bestowed the status of Maharatna company by the government of India in September 2017?

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Question 6

Which of the following are bad conductors of electricity?
A) Mica and Quartz
B) Metals and Rubber
C) Metals and Mica

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Question 7

The HCF of 42, 63 and 105 is:

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Question 8

The Union Environment Ministry has launched pilot project for beach clean-up and development named:

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Question 9

A and B can complete a task together in 35 days. If A works alone and completes 5/7th of the task and then leaves the rest for B to complete by herself, it will take a total of 90 days to complete the task. How many days would it take by A, the more efficient among the duo, to complete the entire work by herself?

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Question 10

An object of mass 15 kg is moving with a uniform velocity of $$ 4ms^{-1} $$. What is the kinetic
energy possessed by the object?

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