RRB ALP 13th Aug 2018 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

If the letters in the word BACKFIELDS are arranged as in the English alphabetical order,
then which letter will be to the second right of the letter ‘F’, after the rearrangement?

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Question 62

The female reproductive part of a flower is called:

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Question 63

Select the missing figure based on the given related pair of figures.

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Question 64

In which language was ‘Baburnama’, the Memoirs of Babur, composed?

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Question 65

Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate option.
A king will always have a .........

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Question 66

Who won a gold medal in the World Weight lifting Championship at Anaheim, USA,in 2017?

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Question 67

One pipe can fill an empty cistern in 4 hours while another can drain the cistern when full in 10 hours. Both the pipes were turned on when the cistern was half-empty. How long will it take for the cistern to be full?

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Question 68

What is the age of the eldest sister if, the sum of ages of 5 sisters born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years?

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Question 69

Select the correct figure that replaces the question mark.

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Question 70

Read the given statement and identify which of the given conclusion(s) logically follow(s) from the statement.
Death keeps no calendar.
1. Man must die one day.
2. Death can come at any time.

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