RRB Kolkata 2009


Four players- Ajay, Babu, Chandu and Devi- are camping at four separate campsites-E, F, G and H not necessarily in that order. The campsites are located on four separate Lakes- I, J, K and L not necessarily in that order - which are in four separate state Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Orissa and Punjab not necessarily in that order.
a: Babu is camping on lake K.
b: H’s campsite is on lake J, which is in Nagaland
c: The player in lake I, a native of Punjab camps only in that state
d: Devi is at campsite F
e: Ajay is camping in Orissa

Question 1

Where must Babu be camping ?

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Question 2

If you arrange the players on the basis of first letter of their names in alphabetical order, the corresponding correct order of states will be:

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Question 3

Lake I is the site of :

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Question 4

Which statement is true of the lake L ?

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Question 5

Which of the following cannot be determined on the basis of the information given ?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 6

In a projectile motion, the velocity:

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Question 7

A metal wire of length l and area of cross section A is subjected to a longitudinal force Mg. The wire elongates by a length l. If the Youngs Modulus of the material of the wire is Y, the work done by the external force is:

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Question 8

The angle of a prism is 60° and its refractive index is 1.5. There will be no emergent light if the angle of incidence on the first face is:

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Question 9

The dimension of the ratio of angular to linear momentum is:

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Question 10

A car accelerate from rest at a constant rate $$ \alpha $$ for some time after which it decelerate at a constant rate $$ \beta $$ to come to res. If the total time elapsed is 10 sec., then the maximum velocity reached is

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