RRB 2008 Kolkata


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The chemical bond in germanium crystal is

Question 2

A ball is thrown upward in vacuum at 49 m/sec. The time taken by the ball to reach the highest point is

Question 3

The majority charge carriers in p - type semi conductors are

Question 4

A body is projected at angle $$\theta$$ with the horizontal, time of flight is given by

Question 5

If the distance between two masses be doubled, the gravitational force of attraction between them will be

Question 6

The ratio the length and the breadth of a rectangle is 4 : 3. The area of the rectangle is 192 $$cm^{2}$$. What will be its perimeter ?

Question 7

A force provides an acceleration of 0.5 $$m/sec^{2}$$ to a body of mass 2 kg. What acceleration will it produce when acting on a body of mass 10 kg ?

Question 8

The cathode rays are

Question 9

In the most popular abbreviation in the field of banking sectors ‘CBS’. The letter ‘C’ stands for

Question 10

Which group of inhabitants is tagged to be connected by seasonal roads during 2008-09 ?

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