RRB NTPC Reasoning Test 74


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Consider the given argument and decide which of the given assumptions is (are) implicit.
The year 2020 is a leap year.
1. February will have 29 days in 2020.
2. The year 2017 is not a leap year.

Q 2

If in a certain language, STRING is coded as TSIRGN, how is RANDOM coded in that code?

Q 3

Select the Answer Figure that correctly fits in the blank space in the given Problem Figure.

Q 4

Use each of the below figures only once and form three groups. The three groups so formed are:

Q 5

Consider the given statements to be true and decide which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.
China is a communist country.
1. No country in the world has a communist rule.
2. Many other countries in the world have a communist rule.

# Name Overall Score
1 Řàñjîť Kümář Šwãîń 5
2 naveen kumar 5
3 Ekta Purwar 5
4 Pallabi Nandi 5
5 Tapeshwar Dehury 5
6 Rahul Dileep 5
7 sutheerdha sanapala 5
8 rahul sakharkar 5
9 The Glam Bong 5
10 ravi ranjan 5

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