RRB NTPC Quant Test 68


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Grand Slam' refers to winning certain major tennis tournaments in a single calendar year. The name of the tournaments are

Q 2

Select the option figure that will complete the series of question figures.

Q 3

A farmer purchased a piece of land for Rs. 18 lakh and spent Rs. 3 lakh for registration, fencing etc. He sold it for Rs. 24.57 lakh. Find his profit in percentage?

Q 4

The height of a light house is 20 meters above sea level. The angle of depression (from the top of the lighthouse) of a ship in the sea is 30°. What is the distance of the ship from the foot of the light house?

Q 5

A sum of ₹ 2,000, invested at the rate of 8.5% simple interest per annum for 6 years will
yield an interest of:

# Name Overall Score
1 Rahul Das 5
2 laxmishankar laxmishankar 5
3 Nikhil M 5
5 sritam sourav mohanty 5
6 srikanth laddu 5
7 Shubhank Khare 5
8 Biswa Ranjan Panigrahy 5
9 Nitin Sajwan 5
10 Prem Kumar 5

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