RRB NTPC Quant Test 5


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which Hollywood star has been confirmed to act with Indian actor Rajnikanth in upcoming film Enthiran 2?

Q 2

If the standard deviation of a population is 7, what would be the population variance?

Q 3

Given below is a statement followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statement to be true even if it seems to be at variance with the commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statement.
Statement: Success cannot be achieved without hard work.
I. Every hardworking person is successful.
II. Every successful person is hardworking.

Q 4

If ARC is written as $@* and HIT is #&% then CHAIR is

Q 5

Smita can finish a work in 12 days and Sam can finish the same work in 9 days. After working together for 4 days they both leave the job. What is the fraction of unfinished work?

# Name Overall Score
1 Binaya Debata 5
2 Thribhuvana Vangaveeti 5
3 Suresh Dadi 5
4 Harun Kumar 5
5 Shubhi Singh 5
6 Midhun Ogirala 5
8 abhijith murukesh 5
9 Kapil Raj 5
10 Nilesh Biswas 4

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