RRB NTPC Quant Test 41


Consider the following information and answer questions based on it.
E, F, G, H and K visit a hospital on week days. Each one of them is a physician, surgeon, dentist, cardiologist, nephrologist but in the random order. Each visits the hospital only one day in the week and attends to their profession only.
1. The physician visits office every Monday.
2. E is the cardiologist who comes neither on Tuesday nor Thursday.
3. K is a surgeon and G is not the physician.
4. The person who visits the office on Thursday is not a nephrologist.
5. H works on a Tuesday and K works on the following day.

Q 1

Who is the nephrologist?

Q 2

Who is the physician?

Q 3

The cardiologist visits the office on


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

3251 + 587 + 369 - ? = 3007

Q 5

The prices of a scooter and a T.V. are in the ratio 7 : 5. If the scooter costs 8000 more than a T.V. set, then the price of the T.V. set is ?

# Name Overall Score
1 TRIVENI peracharla 5
2 Raj Sekhar 5
3 mukul shekhawat 5
4 Thribhuvana Vangaveeti 5
5 Rahul Das 5
6 mani kumar 5
7 Supriya Chowdary 5
8 sopi wayal 5
9 vrindaa malu 5

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