RRB NTPC Quant Test 34


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

I take a book from a library containing 378 pages to be returned in a week's time. If I can read 14 pages an hour for three hours daily, for how long should it be renewed so that the book can be fully read?

Q 2

In what ratio must a grocer mix two varietiesof tea costing Rs.15 and Rs.20perkg respectively so as to get a mixture worth Rs.16.50 perkg ?

Q 3

X is the only daughter of Y's grandfather's only son. Y's grandfather has only one child. How is X related to Y?

Q 4

Read the statements and select a conclusion from the given alternatives:
Statement: Some mats are brooms. All the pencils are brooms
I. Some brooms are pearls.
II. Some brooms are mats.

Q 5

Find the product of square root of 16 and square of 4?

# Name Overall Score
1 mukul shekhawat 5
2 Hrustachitta kara 5
3 Vaishali Galani 5
4 Shubham Kumar 5
5 Supriya Chowdary 5
6 Ajij Mondal 5
7 Manikanta 5
8 Prem Kumar 5
9 Javid Nadaf 5
10 Sumit Saha 5

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