RRB NTPC Quant Test 32


Consider the information and answer the following questions based on it.
The following table represents the transport preferences of a certain number of people in three towns V, K and S.

Q 1

What is the most preferred mode of transport?

Q 2

The number of people wanting to travel by train and bus is how much more or less than those wanting to travel by taxi and own car?

Q 3

The difference between people who prefer taxi to own car is?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

If $$\sin \theta$$ = 15/17 , then $$\cot \theta$$ = ?

Q 5

If LIGER is coded as GIRLE, then TEPAL will be coded as

# Name Overall Score
1 shyamala 5
2 Rahul Das 5
3 Sri 5
4 Harish Simhadri 5
5 aadi narayana 5
6 gulafsha ahmad 5
7 mallikarjuna somannagari 5
8 TRIVENI peracharla 5
9 nou fal 5
10 mukul shekhawat 5

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