RRB NTPC Quant Test 11


Read the following information and answer the following questions.
Five girls are sitting in front, facing you.
Ruhi and Manali respectively are sitting to the right and left of Urja.
Dhwani is sitting between Manali and Tanya

Q 1

How many girls are there between Dhwani and Ruhi?

Q 2

Who is sitting in the middle?

Q 3

Who is sitting to the immediate right of Tanya?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

The cost of one dozen bananas is Rs. 5. The cost of one dozen oranges is Rs. 75. What will the cost of one and a quarter dozen bananas and three-fourth dozen oranges?

Q 5

What is the length of diagonal, if area of a rectangle is $$168cm^2$$ and breadth is 7cm?

# Name Overall Score
1 All in one 5
2 Vikas Das 5
3 Angshuman Phukan 5
4 Jingal Bell 5
5 Archana Kumari 5
6 Akesh Waghmare 5
7 rosary prasamsa 5
8 Akshay Hajare 5
9 bilal 5
10 Vivek Parekh 4

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