RRB NTPC General Knowledge Test 17


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The pattern of consumption of electricity in a home is as follows.

i.$$5 \times 60$$ watt bulbs 5 hours a day

ii.$$5 \times 60$$ watt fans 10 hours a day

iii.TV as required

If the consumptionin a month of 30 days is 195 the TV power consumption per day is:

Question 2

Who was the founder of Satavahana dynasty?

Question 3

Who is known as Frontier Gandhi ?

Question 4

Which Indian city is known as The City Of Pearls" as once it was the only global center of large diamonds and natural' pearls made?

Question 5

Which queen of Ahmednagar opposed emperor Akbar?

#NameOverall Score
1gayatri vanguru5
2Riju Mishra4
3Mini katari4
4rishabh parmar4
5Rahul Das4
6akshay kumar4
8S Banerjee4
9Here Tell4
10Ravi Swami4

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