Railways Reasoning Test 178


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Find the ODD one out:

Q 2

Assuming that the numbers in each of the following figures follow a similar pattern, select the option that can replace the question mark (?) in figure B.

Q 3

The given Problem Figure is embedded in one of the given Answer Figures. Which is that Answer Figure?

Q 4

Leela starts for work in the morning. Her office is 2 kms from home so she prefers to walk. She stalls walking in the opposite direction of the sun from home, walks for 500 m and then takes a right turn and walks for 200 m. Then again. she takes a left and walks towards her office. In which direction from her home is her office?

Q 5

Pick out the odd in the following-

# Name Overall Score
1 Dheeraj G 4
2 Pawan pargai 4
3 Vikas 3
4 Deepika Khilei 3
5 Sahil Beniwal 3
6 rajib pal 3
7 Mahesh Samal 3
9 Tanmay Pradhan 3
10 deva 3

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