Railways Reasoning Test 171


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

You are given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statements is are sufficient to answer the question.
Find the value of n.
I) if $$x^2 -nx +1=0$$
II) If the equation has solution as 'X=1'

Q 2

Which of the following options correctly describes the given statement.
There are four rooks in a game of chess.

Q 3

In the following series, one letter is missing as shown by the question mark (?). Select the missing letter from the given options.
N,L, J, H,?

Q 4

Select the figure which does NOT belong to the group.

Q 5

Assuming that the numbers in each of the following figures follow a similar pattern, select the option that can replace the question mark (?) in figure C.

# Name Overall Score
1 Arxel Gaming 5
2 sunil biswal 5
3 Venkat Rao 5
4 Mahesh Samal 5
5 anuj singh 5
6 Manjula Sone 5
7 prakhar gautam 5
8 Rajeev Das 5
9 Jitendra sahu 5
10 Jyoti Jaiswal 4

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