Railways Reasoning Test 149


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate option.
A disease always has ..........

Q 2

Consider the given statement as true and decide which of the given conclusions can definitely be drawn from the given statements.
Some teachers are rich.
All diabetics are rich.
1. Some diabetics are teachers.
2. Some rich people are diabetic.

Q 3

Select the number missing from the given series.
3, 12, ......., 21612

Q 4

Starting from point O facing West a man walks 4 km to reach point A. He turns right, walks 4 km and reaches point B. Then, he turns right, walks 4 km and reaches point C. He turns right. walks 3 km and reaches point D. He turns left. walks 4 km and reaches point E. Then, he turns right. walks 5 km and reaches point F. At point F, the man is facing ...... direction.

Q 5

Pointing to Ms. Y, Mr. X said ‘Her father’s wife’s only sister is my only maternal aunt’.
Then Ms. Y’s husband is Mr. X’s ..........

# Name Overall Score
1 Biswanath pradhan 5
2 Nayani Samaranayake 5
3 Balakrushna Bhoi 4
4 Arul dass 4
5 Dharani Sankar 3
6 Tanmay Pradhan 3
7 Birsha vr 3
8 Mahesh Samal 3
9 akash tudu 3
10 protim mondal 3

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